Choosing Kitchen Countertops

The importance of choosing a countertop in kitchen design

Nothing like starting the morning with a wonderful cup of coffee, looking out the window to sip on the coffee and marvel at the level of completeness and finish of the stone, haven’t you? Apparently you haven’t done anything right.

When talking about a home, of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is the main room, is the heart of the beating heart of the house, where everything happens and when you do zoom in and out into the kitchen, the most important and critical part to say is the countertop, the countertop we prepare our food on We work, so it is important that our workspace, besides being beautiful and elegant, should also be efficient and practical.

But when you talk about there is a huge variety of stone types and so many pros and cons of each type that can be lost, we will mess with you.

In any case, two features that must be in your stone are easy to clean and easy to use, because as we have already mentioned, practicality is the name of the game.

Types of stone

There are three common types of stone and they are

Marble – When it comes to marble everyone has their preferred type, there are those who prefer the eye-catching white marble and give the kitchen light and elegance, there are the more solid ones who prefer the dark marble that gives the kitchen a more understated and minimalist look.

Jerusalem StoneNatural marble, especially durable and less expensive compared to other types of marble.

Granite stone – a stone type characterized by great beauty. He is considered practical and is not easily scratched. View examples

Quartz Stone (man-made engineered stone) – a very common, popular type of stone, its cost is not high and it is also strong and durable. View examples

What to pay attention to

When choosing the type of marble you should pay attention to some important issues. Will the marble be functional? Does it require a lot of maintenance? Does it absorb liquids? Here is another critical variable that is kitchen faucets, the marble and faucet should fit together, that is, if the marble is long then you should choose a removable kitchen faucet that can be cleaned with the marble in case it gets dirty.

Also, some people prefer smaller marble surfaces and some prefer larger ones. In addition, the entire kitchen design should be considered, is it a modern style kitchen with clean lines or a classic and warmer style kitchen? Finally, attention should be paid to the strength and durability of the marble, in a home where there are children, it is desirable to choose a stone countertop that is characterized mainly by strength and durability, one that does not tend to scratch or accumulate stains more easily.

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Most Americans, consider the kitchen as the main space in the home. Today, against the backdrop of home-based popularity, luxury restaurants, star chefs and trendy cooking shows on all TV channels – the status of the kitchen in the American home has expanded to the beating heart of every home. Not only a useful compound for food preparation, but a complex social space, tailored to any age and any family member, incorporating technology, human engineering, innovative materials, simplicity, and high-level design.


A thousand shades between black and white are the space within which we live each day, and each shade has a mutual relationship and impact on our lives. As a result, every decision regarding the appearance of the home space, its shape, quality, and shades, largely reflects our taste, our lifestyle, the life we seek to create for the family unit, and to a large extent our personality.


 Thus, the kitchens became the central elegant spaces of the home. The arena is dominated by three: the white kitchens, which adorn every living style; the modern gray kitchens, which equate to an industrial atmosphere and the black, gleaming kitchens that boast luxury and grandeur with playfulness of mirror games.


Black kitchens are “post-modern”, one that breaks the common laws and concepts. After many years when black was considered a color not suitable for home design, or as a taboo for cultural and traditional reasons – the black kitchens took their place in our lives in the storm. Black today is perceived as a color that contains everything, not necessarily “swallowing” or “reducing space”, harmoniously and beautifully blending with the environment. The black presents a gender-free design, and although dramatically present, it is free of theatricality and keeps quiet, depending on the context within which it will be incorporated into the home. Black also comes in many different shades and variations so you could have a black beautiful looking kitchen without so much of the dark in it. With Black, you have many options like granite Magma Black or even Quartz in dark and light black. 


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White Kitchen has come into our lives with the transition to modern style. The white kitchens have a variety of designs, connections and combinations, and they can function in the center of the house as a calm and quiet decor as well as an upscale, elegant and sophisticated arena, which has no expiration date. No, it’s more than three decades that white kitchens are the ultimate choice in the American home. White comes with many kinds of shades of whites so there is always one that suits your needs.  There are Calacatta Gold and White Carrara marble that most clients love doing for their kitchens or if you want to go for a more durable material then Quartz that looks like Calacatta Marble is the way to go.


As the industrial look gained popularity, the more trendy gray kitchens became. The style brings a wealth of materials into the kitchen space, incorporating exposed, sometimes rough or rough finish materials. This style is associated with the ecological environmental revolution, and the design gospel it brings includes a combination of new technologies that allow for imitation of concrete and other materials, without the need for the complex care required by the original material. Grey comes in all kinds of stones like Marble you have a Graffiti marble that is grey with white veining’s and clients love it for their kitchens or you can always go with solid grey quartz


 It was the design ‘twists’ that made the gray kitchens so spectacular and managed to discard all the cultural associations identified with it. Instead of attributing it to “grays,” the gray kitchen turns out to be surprising, innovative, and with a strong design statement.


Your kitchen can tell quite a bit about you, your preferences, and your lifestyle. Given the multitude of options and the difficulty of making a decision in the age of advanced design, we are here to help you and make it easier for you to choose the new kitchen.