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Granite Kitchen Countertops Remodeling Ideas

Granite stone countertop in New Jersey is the perfect material when renovating or building your new home to add value and the wow factor. It’s not only a stunning choice for countertops, workbenches, and vanities but is also practical and durable.
Rejuvenate and add value to your kitchen by updating your old countertop to granite stone – you’ll love it.
Granite countertop is so versatile it can be used almost anywhere, from dining and coffee tables.
Being a natural material, every piece of granite stone is unique and color and pattern can vary.
Mega Countertops in New Jersey will design and install your granite stone countertop throughout New Jersey.

The planning and preparation of the countertops is a very significant step in setup planning. Therefore, when you count next to the function and the design. And whether matte or glossy, strong or shallow, with rounded or square corners, natural stone – are easy to clean and durable countertops all alike. If you are planning a kitchen countertop installed, make sure of our quality granite stone.


Granite stone represents a particularly noble rock, guarantees timeless elegance, but always in fashion. Granite countertops are characterized by their hardness and are available in many grains and colors to choose from. But not only do these benefits speak for those countertops, but granite is also a natural product, on its own beautiful and unique.


Today you can find that the kitchen has a variety of shapes and qualities and every style design. Most people would prefer granite stone or marble countertops then any other in the market. Upgrading or renewing your kitchen will make a dull kitchen look brand new. The kitchen area is undoubtedly the most sizzling activity in every home. We are in the kitchen most of our day either preparing food or hosting a party. Granite stone offers tremendous opportunities. If you want a rustic look, conventional or modern, granite is your solution. If you go marble stone or granite stone, these are premium products that combine strength, durability, and are easy to maintain. A kitchen countertop granite is a luxury in a setting. In addition, it is a way to restore luster to your home today by adding value if you want to sell or give prestige to your home.


Granite Countertops New Jersey
Granite Countertops New Jersey


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By selecting white marble stone you are choosing to have an elegant piece in your home!

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Granite Countertops NJ 2022

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Granite Countertops NJ

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Granite vs. Quartz Countertops

Granite vs Quartz

Granite is a natural stone that is extracted from the earth, in huge blocks. Then it is sawn into flat sheets, slabs, which are subsequently polished.

Quartz is a manmade stone that contains ground quartz mixed with resin in a ratio of 93% quartz to 7% resin. The mixed composition is sintered to form a solid structure – a plate of quartz agglomerate.

Pros and cons of quartz

Like granite, quartz also has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, like material for kitchen countertops.

  1. Quartz countertops are as durable as granite, plus – they are more flexible. Which makes the processing and installation process.


  1. Quartz has a non-porous structure and does not require compaction and additional processing. This stone is very practical and great for countertops.


  1. Both of these materials are very durable, they can be considered the strongest ones.


  1. Another advantage of quartz against granite is that, over time, it does not fade under the influence of direct sunlight.


  1. Quartz is slightly heavier than granite.


  1. It is expected that there will be seams at the joining places of the quartz countertop; it should not be any issue with that. In addition, choosing a material with a more uniform structure – the seams will be less visible. In granite,\ goes the same the seams will not be an issue.


Quartz Countertops NJ
Quartz Countertops NJ


Advantages and disadvantages of granite


Here are some of the most important disadvantages and advantages of granite that you need to know:


  1. The color and structure of granite are heterogeneous; it has streaks, large grain. This fact for some may be a disadvantage, for others an advantage.


  1. Granite countertops should be treated with a special sealant, since they have a porous surface where spots can remain. Reprocessing can be carried out after 1 years.


  1. Granite countertops are very durable, but they should not be considered indestructible, this is a rock, and even the rocks break if you apply extremely high force to them. But in everyday use, granite can last forever.


  1. The stone is heavy and requires that professionals install it. Do not hire handyman to install granite countertops.


  1. It is possible to hide the seams on the granite countertop, expect that the seams at the joints of the countertop will be a little visible.


  1. The samples of stone that you see when you select a countertop may slightly differ from the stone that you get in the end. Since each centimeter of natural stone has its own uniqueness. The color and structure of the picture will also be slightly different.


Let’s compare the cost

This is the issue that should be given the most attention when it comes to choosing between quartz and granite. After all, most people try to stick to the budget, and the purchase of countertops made of quartz or granite, no doubt costs significant funds. Estimated cost of granite is $ 70, quartz about $ 100. But with the development of technology, the price trend for quartz countertops is decreasing.

Prices may vary depending on the manufacturer, model and color of the granite slab. In general, the difference in cost should not be so significant as to affect your choice.

So which one to choose?

The one that you find the most aesthetic, the one that fits into your interior, emphasizes the mood and atmosphere that you are trying to create in your kitchen. Just when it comes to choice, it cannot be wrong. Only personal preferences take place.


Granite Countertops New Jersey
Granite Countertops New Jersey